"Rêve d'été 2" Ott Neuens (born 1944) Painter... - Lot 52 - Lux-Auction

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"Rêve d'été 2" Ott Neuens (born 1944) Painter... - Lot 52 - Lux-Auction
"Rêve d'été 2" Ott Neuens (born 1944) Painter from Luxembourg Work on canvas, mixed technique of oil, beeswax, resin, lapis lazuli pigments and gold. Unique work accompanied by the artist's certificate of authenticity. Dimensions: H: 80; W: 80 cm Ott Neuens began his career as a teacher-attaché at the Ministry of Education, where he was responsible, among other things, for publishing all primary school textbooks. Through his work in publishing, Ott Neuens came into contact with a number of illustrators and graphic designers who contributed to the gradual development of his own artistic creation. A self-taught artist in the making, he explored and perfected his artistic signature, presenting his first exhibition in 2004. In 2006, he perfected his beeswax painting skills with Christine Brand at the Volkshochschule in Bielefeld. Since then, the Luxembourg artist has opened his own studio in Luxembourg City and regularly exhibits his work throughout the country. Fascinated by precious stones, Ott Neuens now explores a new technique in his work, incorporating the pigment of these gems to expose their full intensity and variation of color, combined with the glitter of gold leaf, turning a simple canvas into a remarkable piece of jewelry.
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