Peter Nowotny (1953) Driptychon: Freie Farb-Gedanken... - Lot 14 - Lux-Auction

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6000 - 7000 EUR
Peter Nowotny (1953) Driptychon: Freie Farb-Gedanken... - Lot 14 - Lux-Auction
Peter Nowotny (1953) Driptychon: Freie Farb-Gedanken 1, 2 & 3 Acrylic on canvas 2020 Signed Size: 60 x 150 (each) Born in 1953 in Schwäbisch Gmünd and since 2015 a member of the artist group "PARADOXA", as well as the Künstlergilde Esslingen. The basis of all his work are large-format canvases, which he transforms and arranges into new, independent art forms. These include C-Prints, glass objects and videos. As a qualified engineer, Peter Nowotny follows in the tradition of Leonardo da Vinci, who brought together art, natural science and technology. The starting points for his work are human forms reduced to lines and transformed into connecting lines. This process removes a dimension from three-dimensionality and transforms it into ornament. The resulting ornaments are mirrored, decomposed and rearranged. By transforming figuration into ornament, he also establishes a relationship between East and West, a social and cultural challenge of our time. "For us in Europe, human rights have become a matter of course, even if they have come under regular attack in recent years. This ACAT art auction gives me a wonderful opportunity to contribute financially, through the auctioning of my artworks, so that the participating human rights organization can implement human rights education and work."
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