FLASH sale at fixed prices from 5 to 10 May 2020 (Closing at 18:00)

dimanche 10 mai 2020 18:00
Luxembourg - Stadtbredimus, 6, rue Pierre-Risch L-5450 Stadtbredimus
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4 x Contemporary artists :
Jazzu is a contemporary painter from Toulouse. It is thanks to the discovery of the work of J-M Basquiat, whom he admires, that Jazzu plunges and opens his mind to Art. Painting "out of necessity", as he says, his works reflect his emotions and the different difficulties he may encounter; as if these canvases served as an outlet for him. In addition to being artistic, Jazzu's works are irremediably intellectual in the sense that they push us to reflect on our world and its absurdities. Many impactful messages are conveyed to those who know how to observe his works.
Jazzu is a multiple artist, using wood, canvas, plexis or paper as a support and acrylic, aerosol spray or even the famous Posca pens to realize his works.
Pierre Chazelat is an artist with a singular approach combining surrealism, onirism and baroque. In his works, the contemporary mixes with the romantic to give birth to immense panoramas where the natural and the fantastic meet.
This former photographer who lived for a long time in Africa, before working for advertising and Parisian fashion houses, creates sophisticated stagings. He is inspired by his history and draws from the world around him to create unique painted works, with the will to cross different periods of our history. Thus the wildlife walks in the vestiges, sometimes rusty, of a modern architecture surmounted by a baroque iconography drawn from the canvases of the masters of the 16th and 17th centuries.PHILIPPE PASQUA (born in 1965)
Philippe Pasqua was born in Grasse in 1965, he is a self-taught painter who escapes the institutions and the classical circuits. He was inspired by Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud and gradually established himself as one of the major artists of his generation. His art impresses, jostles and fascinates.
After having searched the flesh for a long time, the artist, bulimic of creation, ventures into sculpture. In 1997, he began to study the reality of bone. Here is his relationship to sculpture: "I wanted to go and see what was under the skin, under the flesh." Thus, he explores the theme of vanities adorned with butterflies, accentuating this contrast between the symbol of the soul in ancient Egypt and the great fragility of existence.
Philippe Pasqua is thus an artist of indisputable professionalism, constantly on the move, in perpetual reflection, in search of original ideas for the realization of new works. Always bigger, always stronger, always more beautiful. He surprises, intrigues and fascinates. This is what makes his strength and his talent."
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