Urban Art Auction

dimanche 24 octobre 2021 14:30
Luxembourg - Stadtbredimus , 6, rue Pierre-Risch L-5450 Stadtbredimus
Sale information

For this new auction, Lux-Auction is pleased to offer you its first sale

to offer you its first auction dedicated to Urban Art.

An artistic movement in its own right, Urban Art, also known as Street Art

characterized by works often ephemeral and committed in public places

which gives it a real visibility and therefore to reach a large public.

public. It transforms cities into real open-air museums.

Thus, art lovers or simple people, we all know the

the works of the greatest artists of Street Art even if their names are sometimes

unknown to us.

Keith Haring's little men are familiar to every New Yorker,

every Londoner is touched by Banksy's balloon girl and every Parisian

Parisian delights in Inventer's famous cubic aliens.

During this unique auction, we will have the pleasure to

to offer you works of Street Art on the widest range of media that characterize it

stencils, graffiti, stickers, mosaic, yarn bombing...

You will be able to acquire a militant and cynical stencil work of the very famous

Banksy, the portrait of Obama by C215, a skateboard signed by JonOne,

the surveillance camera of Ai Weiwei, an original chalk drawing made on a subway

by Keith Haring, the famous Batman by Heydenboy or an American dollar bill

an American $1 bill signed by Andy Warhol.

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