Luxembourg Post-War & Contemporary Art Auction Collection

dimanche 26 mars 2023 14:00
Luxembourg - 6, rue Pierre-Risch L-5450 Stadtbredimus
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This Sunday 26.03.2023 at 2pm, Lux-Auction will have the pleasure to offer you a brand new sale dedicated to Post-War and Contemporary Art with a private collection from Luxembourg.

We will start the sale with many Luxembourgish post-war artists such as these lithographs by Roger Bertemes, Théo Kerg, or Jean Paul Junius.

As for Contemporary Art, original works by Arthur Unger, Jean Marie Biwer, Robert Brandy, Rik Hey, Moritz Ney, as well as a remarkable painting by Eric Mangen (born in 1983) in lot 86 "Steak Sandwich" realized in 2019 with a size of 180 by 180 and an exceptional oil on canvas by Henri Kraus (born in 1943) of 130 by 160.

Let's continue this vacation from Luxembourg, to Europe, and more particularly to France with Fernand KAYSER (born in 1991) in lot 86 which is the subject of our cover page, but also Frank Jons with 4 of the most emblematic paintings of his art.

Jean-Christophe Massinon (1963-2011) with a magnificent poster created for the opening of the Musée d'Art Moderne Grand Duc Jean (MUDAM), framed under glass, from 2006 Signed and dated "Massinon 2006-2011" on the lower right.

But also one of the most famous French fashion photographers of the 20th century, Jean-Daniel Lorieux (born 1937) with "Chanel Blue" a mixed media on canvas in lot 146.

Let's take off to Germany, with Jörg Döring (b. 1965) well known in Luxembourg paying homage to Brigitte Bardot and Clint Eastwood.

Let's land in Italy with many lighting fixtures by Italian designers such as Gino Sarfatti, Elio MARTINELLI, Harvey GUZZINI and Daniele Bragoni born in 1966 in Esch sur Alzette of Italian origin, he fell in love with marble while working for a long time in the quarries of Carrara in Tuscany, and presents us with sculptures from the series Waves and geometries, circa 2019 in lot 119 and 120.

Let's finish in Belgium with Olivier DE SCHRIJVER (born in 1958), a very promising artist for design furniture.

Let's leave the European borders for Iceland with the most renowned artist of the country ERRO born in 1932, an Icelandic well anchored in the postmodern style, with this exceptional original canvas in oil and marker entitled: "Multimedia 2005" presented on the back cover of the catalog.

Then let's go to the United States with the most iconic artists of the post-war street and pop art movement: Andy WARHOL and his Coke bottle in its original case, Keith Haring with a Schott leather jacket and an Everlast glove that come straight from the 80s.


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